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Welcome to Alaskan Water Seafood Inc.’s Blog.

Alaskan Water Seafood Inc. (also known as AWS) is a company with a vast network of diversified seafood, meat, poultry, wines, oils and specialty food item partners. We look forward to introducing these partners and the uniqueness of their products and their companies to you over time in this blog.

At AWS, we sell honest weight at a fair price. We are committed to assisting you in your purchasing decisions and the success of your business. Are you certain your current supplier is doing the same?

Through our local, national and international partnerships, we strive to bring you the best in wholesome, sustainable food.

Please sign up with our newsletter to receive our weekly product updates and specials, as well as recipes and cooking hints.

Come back to our blog often to stay updated with our products and services.

We always welcome your comments and suggestions.

23 Mar, 16

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