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‘Fresh Fish’

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Fresh back from Boston (pun intended) I find it absurd that distributors and wholesalers in Toronto are so stuck on selling the idea of “fresh fish”.

Let’s start breaking the myth.

I am often asked when people find out I am in the seafood business “Where can I get good fresh seafood?” The honest answer, “not around here.” In order to eat truly fresh fish in Toronto it would have to be shipped by air to reach Toronto area consumers.

Air freight is very expensive, and if all the so called fresh fish in Toronto was air freighted in, the consumer would be paying much more money than necessary.

Most fish on the market has been on ice for days, sometimes even more than a week, before being frozen, thawed, and put back on ice by wholesalers and stores. The so called fresh fish has been handled by many people, transferred to and from many totes and containers, and has often endured temperature abuse. As a result some seafood distributors are simply refreshing frozen.

Refreshing is the process of thawing frozen fish and selling it as a “fresh” product.

AWS does not sell refreshed fish.


Why should you buy frozen seafood over so called fresh?

Our suppliers blast-freeze their fish as soon as it’s caught and meticulously cleaned, before rigor sets in.
This process ensures that Taste, nutrition and integrity are locked, and you’re never restricted to what’s available fresh today.
Without the pressure to deliver fresh fish immediately, fishermen can have a safer timeline in which to bring their catch from sea to table. They also can choose to fish only in the best conditions.

By pulling from the freezer exactly the amount you need—when you need it—you avoid wasting highly perishable fresh fish.

How to Store Frozen Seafood 
Most of the seafood you buy frozen comes prepackaged in a vacuum-sealed bag. Store it in your freezer for up to five months. Once thawed, Do not refreeze, as you will lose quality.

How to Thaw Frozen Seafood
Thaw frozen seafood in the refrigerator overnight, placing it in a dish to catch any water that melts off. Avoid thawing at room temperature or in warm water, as it will negatively affect the texture.

Fish and seafood is very perishable!  It should smell like fish but never smell “fishy”, which is why AWS has always promoted and marketed frozen at sea products. A fish Frozen at Sea is so much better than any “fresh” fish! PERIOD.

11 Mar, 16

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